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Who is this for?
All Real Estate agents who wish to generate buyer & seller leads from Facebook.

How much does it cost to manage this later?
Nothing, this will be set up in your own account for you. We will show you how you can stop/start your budget. We will also have a FB group where all of our clients can share ideas/ads etc.

What is the cost per lead and how much do I have to spend?

The amount you wish to spend per month on these leads is completely up to you. If you wish to spend $50/mo you can. The cost per lead differs from type of ad, however, we have seen the cost per lead be a little as 50c per lead and as high as $20/lead.

Video Explanation

What You Need to have:
  • AL Account – Be an AL client.
  • FB Account – Have a Facebook Account
  • Where – Know where you wish to generate leads from & which kind
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